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About Us

Prof. Dr. Sedat DEMİR

Our practice, which started its operations in August 2018, was established to serve with a different boutique concept in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the branch of General Internal Medicine. With our current facilities, diagnostic procedures for all diseases in our branch are performed very quickly, comfortably, reliably and economically at affordable costs.

With the laboratory and imaging systems available to us, the diagnosis of many diseases can be concluded on the same day.

Our services are supported by nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians and psychologists, and complementary elements in the treatment of diseases in this area are offered to our patients in the most effective way.

Today, it is seen that COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE elements have started to occupy a very important place besides MODERN MEDICINE APPLICATIONS. However, this field remains open because modern medical practitioners often reject complementary medicine methods, and our patients are often exposed to unnecessary and often harmful practices by turning to wrong and malicious channels.

Our aim is to ensure the integrity of patient treatment, without rejecting modern medical methods and by applying them at the highest level, but by using complementary medicine methods scientifically and correctly when necessary. This subject is also studied with our professors who have proven their scientific effectiveness.

Today, it is now very clear that the treatment of the patient will not only be by prescribing medicine and giving a prescription. The chances of success of treatments performed without integrating treatments and, most importantly, without adapting them to healthy living conditions, are very low.

For this reason, the most possible physiological treatment methods are applied in the treatment and follow-up of chronic diseases through complementary medicine recommendations, dietitian and psychologist support, physiotherapist-supported, personalized sports programs. Thus, maximum normal life adaptation is provided.


Our Expert Staff

Prof. Dr. Sedat Demir
Internal Medicine Specialist
Sevde KARA
Administrative Manager