Hemen Randevu



Our dietitian confirms that you will not feel that you are on a diet, and that our clients approve. It creates personal lists from which customers are received and our programs with online support service. ensures its continuity. Especially in the treatment of clinical diseases, nutrition and not prohibitive, permanent behavioral change with exercise necessary for a healthy life. Our dietitian is also with other family members. It takes firm steps for these permanent changes by establishing communication with family support.

Home Inspection Services

Thanks to the mobile devices we used in our examination, especially the elderly, bedridden, and immobile patients are provided with home diagnosis, treatment and care services. All kinds of home conditions ultrasonography, color doppler and echocardiography, electrocardiography, and all laboratory It is ensured that the diagnosis of the patient is carried out in the home environment by performing the examinations. Treatment of patients who need home treatment, care and other services procedures are performed by physicians, nurses and physiotherapists. The different aspect of the service we provide from the classical patient care is the diagnosis and treatment at home. In addition, when necessary, one-on-one nurse, private nurse, and physiotherapist is to provide.


It works as a solution partner with the BİYOTIP laboratory, which is one of the reference laboratories in Bursa. All samples are taken in our examination, transferred to the laboratory with the appropriate transport system, and the examination is carried out there. The results of the samples taken in the morning are concluded quickly on the same day and all known laboratory tests, including very special tests, can be performed in our examination.

Color Doppler Echocardiography

Color Doppler Ultrasonography is an advanced technique that examines the anatomical structure of the heart, its functions, valve structure and functions, and the structure and functions of the great vessels.


Thyroid, superficial tissue and Abdominal Ultrasonography examinations of our patients are performed during the examination. With this method, diseases of the thyroid, liver, kidney, gall bladder and intra-abdominal organs, as well as superficial and deep vascular structures and functions are examined.

Holter Electrocardiography

ECG recording is made for 24 hours with a mobile phone-sized device connected to the body from the outside, and with this examination, heart rhythm disorders that are not detected during instant recordings are detected. In addition, cardiac activities are examined in the patient’s own daily environment. The daily performance of coronary vessels in heart diseases due to atherosclerosis can be evaluated with this method. Coronary problems and silent ischemic attacks, which cannot be seen in normal ECG, can be detected. Silent coronary problems, especially in diabetic patients, can be determined with this method.

Blood Pressure Holter

With this method, blood pressure is recorded for 24 hours with a mobile phone-sized device connected to the body from the outside. Thus, blood pressure variability can be examined in the patient’s own daily environment. It is an important examination method especially in patients whose blood pressure is measured to be normal during the examination but who are thought to have intermittent blood pressure elevations during the day. In addition, it is a very valuable test in monitoring the effectiveness of treatment in patients who are diagnosed with high blood pressure and started treatment.


It is the most classical method in the diagnosis of heart diseases and is one of the basic examinations for many heart and non-cardiac diseases